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Mr & Mrs. Calvin and Reather Leigh

My mother, Reather M. Snowden Leigh, always said, "You never know how things are going to go." She made sure that all of her and my father's business affairs were taken care of years ahead of time. Power of attorney assignments, health proxies, wills, trusts, burial plots and funeral home arrangements were all in place years before they were ever needed.

Both my parents suffered from Alzheimer's disease and dementia in their later years. From my own caregiver experience, I know firsthand that Alzheimer's is one of the most gut-wrenching medical conditions for both those that are affected by it and the ones that love and care for them. Most people know someone who is or has been affected by Alzheimer's: parents, close and extended family members, friends, colleagues, people we worship with, neighbors and even celebrities.

My parents did everything they could to manage their later years and transition so that I would not be burdened unnecessarily. I'm eternally grateful for their amazing foresight and careful planning. I founded Legacy Levels Unlimited in Rochester, NY in memory of them. As a trustworthy Care Consultant, my goal is to offer you the same invaluable guidance my parents gave me.